Gutsy Girl of the Month

Each month Guts Like A Girl will feature one amazing lady. All you need to do is share a bit about yourself and explain how fitness has impacted your life. Please do this under the “Connect with GLAG” page. At the end of the year, each girl who is featured will receive a free Guts Like A Girl calendar for the upcoming year with all 12 ladies celebrated. Please enjoy and feel free to nominate friends and family! Thanks for reading.


Bobbi Nicol

A Bit from Shannon and Sam: 

Shannon and Sam met Bobbi while pacing and running the EC100 (Sam’s first 100-miler). From the moment we met her, it was clear there was something very special there. Bobbi ran much of the race barefoot, battled some sickness, other obvious pains, but never gave up. Since then, Bobbi has embarked on many other endurance challenges with the same determination. Bobbi is not only an example to endurance athletes but to all people. She continues to inspire us with her courage, wisdom, and compassion; ultimately living a life that benefits all around her. We love you Bobbi and are so happy to have you as our August 2016 Girl of the Month!

A Bit from Bobbi:

I am a 45 year old barefoot ultra runner who resides in Winnipeg, Canada. I have two amazing boys, two crazy cats and a part time husky who splits time between myself and my amazing ex. Needless to say I am very busy and love to sneak a run in when ever I can.  I have been blessed with the ability to run some amazing races throughout Western Canada and down into the United States in all different seasons including The Canadian Death Race; Spruce Woods 100 miler; Lost Soul Ultra; EC100 (where I experienced the awesomeness of ‘Guts Like as Girl’ firsthand); Tuscobia Winter Ultra and Actif Epica to name a few.  My most memorable experience was finishing the unsupported Tuscobia Winter Ultra Marathon this January in Wisconsin pulling a 30lb sled (yes I wore shoes for this). With the Temps dips down to about -40 overnight I persevered and finished the 80 mile run in just under 27 hours, finishing 3rd female overall. This was done with little to no training…this was all grit, guts and determination, I love being me.  This year is going to be full of exciting challenges as I am pacing a good friend at Fat Dog 70 in the mountains outside Vancouver in August; attempting to qualify for Western States at Lost Soul Ultra in September; potentially looking at Tunnel Hill 100 in Illinois in October.  I am a huge fan of ‘Guts Like A Girl’ and believe we are all stronger than we have ever imagined, we just need that bit of confidence to go out there and get it. But once that confidence is there look out we are coming through.


Breann Marie Montesanto

A little bit from Shannon:

I met Breann back in 2010 when we were both working at a wilderness therapy program. Breann is always up for an adventure whether that be hiking, going to boot camp, yoga, crossfit, or an all day Les Mills retreat, followed by dancing until the sun comes up. She is a beauty and a beast, all packaged into one incredible woman. She inspires me so much with her determination.* If you know Breann, you love being around her and find yourself lucky to have such a badass friend. ❤

A little bit from Breann:

As an athlete, I’ve always had a love for fitness and a team environment. After moving to Vegas and becoming slightly obsessed with group fitness classes, I signed up for an instructor training. It was one of the the most challenging processes I’ve ever experienced, and it took me almost a year to start teaching my own class at a gym. But I instantly fell in love with it. Having the ability to help motivate and coach others in their fitness journey, and to physically challenge myself has been beyond rewarding. There is a magic that happens when I’m able to help people realize what they are truly capable of. Teaching also gave me a reason to push myself to continue working out and keep up my fitness when I became pregnant with my now 11 month-old son. We are now expecting our second baby in just three short months! \

I am still teaching Spin and BodyPump, and currently enjoying my most recent obsession, crossfitting. I want to continue to defy what people think is possible during pregnancy, while doing what is best for me and my baby. I feel so fortunate to be able to continue to teach and workout. I have an incredible network of support from my husband, my gym family, and my fit friends!


Bridget Files-Herrin

A Bit from Sam:

There’s so much to say about this amazing woman! Bridget is one of the most inspirational and admirable woman I have ever met. She has a husband, a successful career, and two small children, but still found time last year to train and complete her very first triathlon…which happened to be an IronWoman! During the race Bridget fell on her bike early on, but still finished in amazing time. She later found out that her wrist was actually broken. When you’re around Bridget you just want to do better and be better, and I know that I am better because of her influence. A huge thanks to her husband Scott for nominating your amazing wife for our first Girl of the Month 2016!


Maia Detmer

A Bit from Sam:

I met Maia in 2012 on my first Ragnar run, and as soon as I met her, I loved her right away. Over the past few years as we have done a number of runs together, camped together, struggled together, and celebrated together, I have grown to understand the fundamental person that she is. Maia is caring, supportive, loyal, and determined. There are some people you meet in life and they just make you want to be a better person and do more, and she is one of those people. Maia pushes herself and she pushes the people that she loves, and we are all better for it. Maia’s running career started fairly recently in comparison to many long distance runners, and she has excelled. She’s a testament to limitless bounds if you are motivated. I am so proud to have Maia as our February Girl of the Month! Keep making us ladies proud.

A Bit from Maia:

January 30, 2015 is my 3 year race-iversary. In 2012 I had my first running race ever. It was a Spartan Race at Vail Lake, CA. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into since I had never done anything like this before, but 10 miles later I found myself with a finisher’s medal and an endorphin high that made me feel like I could do rule the world. With this new found strength coursing through my veins, I discovered my true passion.

In the past 3 year, I have completed countless 5ks, 10ks, half-marys (half-marathons), as well as 4 full-marys, 14 Ragnar races (2 ultra Ragnars), two 50-milers, and two 100-mile races. All to say—running has inspired me to be a better person and inspire others to find their own running passion. It doesn’t matter the distance you aim to achieve, as long as you’re striving for something more. I have found myself on those trails, discovering growth outside of my own comfort zone.




Shannon Brett

A Bit from Sam:

To kick off our first year of celebrating a lady each month, I could think of no better person that Shannon (AKA Shandies, Shandels, and at one point Shandelier). Shannon and I have known one another for years, and I owe so much of my running passion to her. In 2012 when I was living in New York and weather depressed, Shannon invited me on a Ragnar team, and that weekend reignited my drive to do amazing things. This is not an isolated incident for Shannon; she is so passionate, caring, and motivated, in her personal life and in her career. Shannon has a desire to change her community for the better, and advocates for social justice, race awareness, and equal rights to all. She is a humanitarian at heart and the best friend a person could have. It is my extreme honor to run beside this amazing lady, and to introduce all of you to her as our January 2015 Girl of the Month!

A Bit from Shannon:

It was 2012 is when it all started. I set my eyes on the glorious Triple Crown–running three half marathons in one year. I had just finished running my first of the series, Rock n Roll Phoenix Half Marathon, and my super supportive boyfriend, Yobani, and I were walking to our car to start the long ride back to Las Vegas.  A man in the parking lot was putting race fliers on the cars started to chat with us about the Spartan Race. Apparently people weren’t being very friendly to this guy and he was so appreciative to have an enthusiastic conversation about his race company that he gave me his info so he could sign me up for a free race in San Diego in the next few weeks.  I immediately set my sights on the Spartan Trifecta, run one of each race (Sprint, Super, and Beast) in one calendar year. That year was a whirlwind of races. I did every mud run and fun run I could sign up for. During that summer I made a connection that would lead to something that would change my life forever. I met my Ragnar team. In 2013 I ran eight Ragnar races across the country, and in 2014 I ran my first full marathon and ultra marathon (50 miles). I have no plans on slowing down. My goal for 2015 is to run my first 100 mile ultra marathon.