Rethink, recharge and reset


It’s the middle of March and if you’re anything like me you have already cycled in and out of being motivated and tired. Since my last run, I have been able to reprocess my goals and figure out what I’m doing daily to get there. Over the last few months I have been more focused not only on ironing out my strengths, but really identifying where I fall short. Ultimately, I know I need to utilize my strengths to target my weaknesses. If you think about it, really honing in on your weaknesses can actually be a skill. During the reprocess I was able to identify a few of mine that I have been really resistant to change, which brings us to our topic today: Rethink, Recharge, RESET.


Going through the thinking process is a skill and a challenge. I do this with my clients at work all the time, and this is where I actually learned how valuable rethinking could be. Since my last race I was forced to do this process over and over. I rethought about many things including: why I am doing what I’m doing, what has worked for me in the past, and lastly, what do I need to change for the future. Then I looked at my race plan. I changed it to assist myself in understanding some of the pitfalls and my weaknesses, and brainstormed ways that I can address these challenges. But even through all of this, possibly the most important part of this process for me was really looking at what I am doing on a daily basis. Ultimately, what you are doing daily is either helping you reach your goals or what you are doing daily is inhibiting your ability to follow through with your plans. In my own life I noticed two things: I take too many naps and drink too much wine during the week. For obvious reasons I don’t want to change either one of those habits, BUT if I’m being realistic, I need to because they aren’t helping me get where I want to be.

So, for the past two weeks I have started to make some changes. I no longer enjoy my 1-2 glasses (sometimes bottles… jk… but not really) of wine a night to unwind (only following this Monday-Thursday at this point), and I have also limited my naps when I get home from work or after my early morning workout. What I have realized from this is that it has been much easier for me to wake up at 4 or 5 am to workout before work. Now I’m not sure how long this will last, but for right now I have been pleasantly surprised about the rewards I have received by sacrificing a few things that I REALLY love.


This is my favorite part. When is the time of year that we see and experience recharge everywhere? New Year’s Day of course! But what I want to go over today is that recharging should be a consistent practice in your weekly, sometimes daily, routine. I love getting a good plan in place and being super excited and motivated to start. It’s like the Sunday night when you’re all ready for the week, and your meals are made, laundry is done, and you’re in bed before the sun goes down (this is just me probably but I love this). You just feel recharged and ready to go into your week full force. Now I realize that these are things that get me up and motivated, so it’s a good idea to find yours. What makes you want to attack your week? What moves you to be excited about a workout? Figure those things out and start using them to recharge, re-motivate, and retry. Remember, every day is another chance to turn it all around. Instead of saying to yourself, “Well I already blew it, I’m just going to try again next year, next month, or next week,” try to tell yourself, “Well that’s a weakness of mine, I’ll try something different next time, but right now I’m moving forward.”


So what if nothing has worked? Or things worked for a while and they’re just not working anymore? Well, we go through the “Rethink, Recharge” process… but sometimes it takes more and that’s when we just reset. As I said before, New Year’s Day is a big rethink and recharge time of year, but more than anything it’s about resetting. It’s almost as if you push a button on your life and you’re starting fresh. But why do we have to wait for one time a year to do this? It is really challenging to move forward with a bunch of baggage and self doubt weighing us down, thus the momentous day to just reset things is so symbolic that it’s actually powerful. Yet, GOOD NEWS, we don’t need to wait for this life-changing day to cycle through once per year. If you feel like you need to reset, do it! Pick a day, make it symbolic in some way, and start fresh.

A few days ago I was fortunate to listen to a talk by the amazing Natalie Peterson (life coach, yoga instructor, and nutritional guru) and she put this practice so eloquently. Think about when you are at your happiest and most peaceful. What does your life look like? What practices do you make time for and what habits do you lose? Write these down, because this will be your road map of resetting. I recently did this and wrote down all my practices that help put me at peace and at a motivated place. During this process it’s helpful to use positive language. For example, instead of saying, “I’m going to stop smoking during the day,” you can say: “I will choose to walk around my work building, or chat with a friend instead of smoking.” Give yourself positive alternatives when trying to eliminate a negative behavior. Also, keep in mind there are habits you do daily that you may not recognize as powerfully positive because they are so engrained in your daily routine, but they are (spending time with family, walking your dog). It’s really important for you to acknowledge the habits you are already doing that are helpful. Maybe ask yourself: What’s going well in my life? Another idea is to laminate these things and put them on your bathroom mirror, the wall, or the refrigerator. Keep in mind this is not meant to stress you out, but rather a way of reminding yourself what you do for self-love.

This week’s challenge: Rethink, Recharge, and if needed, Reset. Also always try to treat yourself with grace and kindness. Remember guts and girls are on your side!

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