Your Gut by Lindsey Richardson

This week we have a guest blogger Lindsey! Lindsey has been blogging all about her life and love on her blog Now Lindsey is working on self-publishing her first book. Read up and find out how you can support this amazing gal!


You ‘gut’

By Lindsey Richardson (

I remember someone once telling me that you have to trust your gut. And I immediately thought, what the heck is your gut? I mean I know it is a body part, I know that we all have one, but what the heck is a gut?

And then one day, I had a “gut” feeling. Something that was overwhelming, something that was telling me that it was my time, my time to trust my gut and just go with it.

So I did, 2 years ago I went with my gut and the result? It was life-changing.

But lets flash back a bit before we get to that. I feel you need a little back story.

You see I had these gut feelings before in life, but I was usually tied up in the emotions of being broken hearted, or having another failed job in my 20’s to really understand that “gut” instinct.

Every time I ended a relationship (or someone ended one with me) my gut (that I didn’t know existed) would always say, “I should blog about it.” Even 7 years ago when blogs weren’t popular, I would write on my lap top everything I was feeling as I went through a break-up at the time.

I thought someday this could become a book! But you see at that moment and time, I literally had no guts. Even though my gut instinct was telling me that this could be used for the greater good and that this could be an amazing lesson to so many other women dealing with what I was going through at the time. I didn’t have the guts to step forward and share my story in a real and raw way.

Why didn’t I have the guts? Well looking back now it is simple to identify, at the time, it wasn’t. And the reason why is because I was scared. I was scared an ex boyfriend would read a blog I wrote and realize that I wasn’t dealing with the break-up as well as I was claiming to.

I was scared that my writing would show my weakness and I would be judged with that. And perhaps even bigger than that, if I wrote it, if I put it out there, then the reality would actually hit me that I was in pain! It is way easier to fake it then to actually feel the pain.

And that day 2 years ago when that clarity hit, the courage came back, my gut was screaming at me, and it was time to start acting like a girl with some guts! My story needed to be shared because I knew I wasn’t the only one struggling. I needed to get out there and jump off a ledge.

So I did, 2 years ago, after a break-up with the man I knew deep down was “the one,” I knew something needed to change. I finally followed my gut instinct and started writing a blog. And as I wrote and wrote (for many months without sharing the blog), I realized, that the blog was helping me heal, helping me take the journey back to me and become a better me.

And then it hit me, this blog needed to be the book that I had always wanted to write. It was my time. So I wrote, and wrote, and now the book is done (

The book is a culmination of stories of how I took the journey back to myself. It is bigger than stories of the journey through my break-up, it is about inspiring women world-wide to never settle for less than their worth!

And now, I am using my gut in a whole new way, by sharing this book with the world. First through kickstarter (itsjustthebeginning,com), and next by self-publishing my first book that the “younger” me never had the guts to do. So, today and always, not only listen to your “gut” but have the guts to take a chance on you, your goals & your dreams. Dive straight in because you never know what will come. The world needs your gifts and talents. And most importantly, the world needs to hear your story because I promise you this, someone else out there is going through what you are, and they need to know they aren’t alone.

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