Guts like a girl

Guts Like A Girl: The Motivation

My goal for this blog to celebrate women. Women have consistently amazed me throughout my life, through their perseverance, determination, motivation, and unforgettable strength. Ultimately, if it wasn’t for many of the strong women that I have known, I may not have realized my desire to explore my own potential. Although there are numerous different areas that women have challenged me, one area that has transformed my life is how women have helped me uncover my physical ability.  So, that’s what this blog is. It is about women doing bad ass physical challenges, testing their bodies to the ultimate level, and never accepting the false norm that women aren’t as strong as men. So if you’re like me, and you desire to change the saying, “she runs fast…..for a girl,” then keep coming back; read, get motivated, and experience the physical power of women.

From the time I was small, I can’t remember a time when I innately felt that I was less capable than a boy; however, as I grew older, I was constantly told (either verbally or nonverbally) that I did not have the physical capabilities of a male. From double physical standards through P.E. to non-coed sport activities, my “girl” parts were always apparent. After years of battling with these standards (never actually living up to my own physical potential), I began to realize how angry I was that it was always assumed that as strong as I was, people would be shocked if I could physically compete with a male. I was even more annoyed that I also believed this lie. Yet, once I was able to realize my own distaste for this engrained ideology, it became my obsession to physically give guys a run for their money, and although this proved to be extremely difficult–I trekked on.


Personally, going to physical extremes has been an addiction I have not been willing to shake, and along the way I have met fantastic people who continue to enrich my life.  But throughout the years, my goals have changed. I no longer wish to compete with males, but rather, help create a path so that girls and women do not live in a world thinking they are not as physically capable as them. Obviously this is not every girl or woman’s goal, but if it is, she should not grow up ever underestimating her physical potential to achieve greatness.

Hopefully this blog will help inspire and excite guys and gals alike to embrace a sense of risk and discover the amazing addiction of pushing the body and mind to physical extremes.


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