Guts Like a Girl


samMy name is Sam and I am a fitness enthusiast and girl lover! I have spent the large part of my adult life jumping from one extreme activity to another, and along the way have met the most amazing women. I have been consistently bothered by the stigma attached to women in the world of athletics, as women are often times not considered as strong or capable as males. In response, I have dedicated part of my life to debunking this absurd ideology. Throughout my life, I not only have learned how awesome women are, but what women are capable of doing physically. Ultimately, this site and blog are dedicated to inspire, motivate, and encourage women on their quest for physical greatness. Welcome to a place where every woman, regardless of physical history and/or limitations, is considered an athlete. So ladies, the next time you do something physically challenging, whether it’s an ultra-marathon, a marathon, a 5k, cross fit, handstands, yoga, or just getting up and walking your dog, just remember, you didn’t do it well for a girl—you did it well AS a girl, and you’re making the rest of us super proud! #gutslikeagirl #glag